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AAAS 482D/WGSS 484B: Gender and Health (Fall 2019)

Student Digital Exhibits

Do bodies all feel, experience, or function in the same way? How do social categories such as gender, race, class, status, ability, and sexuality shape (and shape collectively) concepts of bodies, health, and illness? How do these these categories and concepts  relate to inequities in structures of care? Students in AAAS 482D/WGSS 484B: Gender and Health in Fall 2019 explored a comparative and historical study of these issues, with a particular focus on Asian and Asian diaspora communities.

Students devoted the latter half of the semester to study a key concept of the course further in a research project centered on a case study of their choice. These exhibits represent the results of their research. They reflect the diverse interests of the students and indicate the many ways that gender shapes embodied experiences.

Student Exhibits

Thanks and acknowledgments

I would like to extend my gratitude to Amy Gay, Nancy Um, and John Cheng for their inspiration and introducing me to digital humanities. Amy in particular has been instrumental in guiding me on the design of this course and the students on digital literacy and the Omeka S platform. Finally, to my students, thank you for your intellectual curiosity and passion. 

-- Prof. Sonja Kim, January 2020